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Bulk Data Programs
Growing Your Business is a Simple Concept …

… the better you know your prospect, the better your chances of funding a loan. Using ConsumerDataLeads.com, you can quickly and easily target your business and market more effectively using our mortgage, real estate and specialty list.

Bulk Data Programs:
25,000 Records for $1999
50,000 Records for $3499
75,000 Records for $4499
150,000 Records for $5499

Click on the Order Now link below and fill out the credit card authorization.  Use the special instructions to fill out your specific data request.

ALL Credit Card Purchasessubmitted for the purchase of products (“Product” or “Products”) sold by CDL Data, and its affiliates (collectively, “Marketing Live, Inc.”) are sold ‘as is” without warranties or guarantees and due to the nature of this Product or Products all sales are final and non-refundable. Marketing Live and affiliated companies does not issue refunds on completed orders – ALL SALES ARE FINAL and NON-REFUNDABLE.  ALL PRODUCTS AND SERVICES SOLD ‘AS IS’ WITHOUT ANY WARRANTIES OR GUARANTEES.

Restrictions on Use-Customer shall not: (i) resell, re-license or redistribute the Services in whole or in part without the prior written consent of CONSUMER DATA LEADS, (ii) use the Services to create any derivative products, (iii) use the Services to create, enhance or structure any database in any form for resale or distribution, (iv) process or permit to be processed the Services or any portion thereof, with other data from any other source, (v) merge or incorporate the Services with any other file, (vi) use the Services to enhance a file or list owned by any third party, (vii) use the Services to develop any list, enhancement or product, or (viii) use the Services to prepare, publish, clean or maintain any directory.

Includes:Name, Address, Phone, Site and Mailing Address, Use Codes, County, Recording/Due Date, Interest Rate, Sale Amount, 1st & 2nd Loan Amounts, 1st & 2nd Loan & Financing Types.

Types of Leads Included: Pre-NOD’s model data, Mortgage Lates, FICO, AVM, Conventional, ARMS, Adjustables, FHA, VA, Reverse Mortgages (no age), Purchase Money, Non-Purchase Money, Refinance, New Sales Foreclosure Leads (CA,AZ,NV,OR,WA only).

Excludes: Renter Leads, Rate Rider Leads, Foreclosure Leads (Excluded Nationwide-except 5 states above), Reverse Mortgage w/age, Demographics,

The Bottom Line

Don’t just buy ordinary Mortgage leads, start closing more loans today – 866-377-4599

Order Now $1999 25,000
Order Now $3499 50,000
Order Now $4499 75,000
Order Now $5499 150,000
    Over 150,001 – Call for Pricing.
Unlimited Data Plan for Flat Monthly Fee. Call for Pricing.
Excludes: Renter Leads and Reverse Mortgage Leads.
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