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Common Questions
Are there any setup fees?
Cost for Tokens? data append program charges $103 for 10,000 tokens.
How does Tokens pricing work?
See Below Pricing Chart –
you only pay for the data we append.

Example:  Phone & Email address for one contact.  You need 25 tokens per record (3 tokens for name and address verification, 12 tokens for phone append and 12 tokens for email append).   You get 325 records appended for 10,000 tokens.  Cost is $103.00.



If you need any additional information, about cleaning up you marketing list,
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Append Type What it Does Pricing
Address Append Returns a name and an address based on either a provided email address or phone number. 6 Credits per Address Appended
Canada Post NCOA Returns the current addresses for Canadian individuals and companies that have moved within the last 72 months. 10 Credits per Move Appended
Demographics Date of Birth (month and year) – 1
Date of Death (month, day, and year) – 1
Gender (as reported by the contact) – 1
Household Income – 2
Residence Type (owner or renter) – 3
Length of Residence (in years) – 1
Occupation – 4
Married (definitely or possibly) – 2
Children Present (yes or no) – 2
1 – 6 Credits per Record Appended (see below for specific pricing)
Email Address Append Returns a valid email address associated with a provided name and address. 12 Credits per Email Appended
Geocode Assigns rooftop level latitude and longitude coordinates to an address. Supports U.S, Canada, & 60 other countries.

Assigns street level latitude and longitude coordinates to an address. Supports U.S, Canada, & 60 other countries.

10 Credits per Rooftop Level Geocode Append

1 Credit per Street Level Geocode Append

Move Update Returns the current addresses for U.S individuals and companies that have moved going back 10 years. Does not satisfy the USPS® Move-Update requirement for postal discounts. 10 Credits per Move Appended
Name Append Returns a contact name associated with the provided address, email address, or phone number. 6 Credits per Name Appended
Phone Append Returns a valid phone number associated with the provided address. 12 Credits per Phone Number Appended
Property Data Acreage
Assessed Property Value
Assessor’s Parcel Number (also known as ‘APN’)
Building Area (in square feet)
Improvement Value
Last Sale Date
Last Sale Price
Living Space (in square feet)
Mortgage Amount
Mortgage Due Date
Mortgage Term
Owner Address (street address, city, state and ZIP Code™).
Owner Name
Property Area (in square feet)
Total Property Value
Tax Amount
Total Rooms
Total Bedrooms
Total Bathrooms
Total Bathrooms
12 Credits per Record Appended


SmartMover NCOALink® Returns the most current address of U.S. individuals and businesses that have moved within the past 48 months. Meets the USPS® Move-Update requirement for First-Class™ and Standard Mail® discounts. 10 Credits per Move Appended
Verification Type What it Does Pricing

Contact Check

Address Check

Checks the validity of contact name and address.

1 Credit per Contact

2 Credits per Address

Express Entry® Address Autocomplete Auto-completes and verifies an address to save up to 50% in keystrokes and ensure only valid address data enters your database. 1 Credit per Address Completed
Global Address Check Checks the validity of addresses for over 240 countries and territories. Address is verified, standardized, and formatted to local country standards. 12 Credits per Address Checked
Name-to-Address Verification Cross-matches a contact name with an address to make sure the two are associated. 12 Credits per Match

  to review data format required from you!

Send data list to

First, please Register on our site to set up your account (you will not be charged during this process.) Once that’s done, fill out the
Credit Card Authorization form
to get your first set of tokens. ($100 for tokens, $3 credit card charge, total: $103)

We run your list through our national consumer database to check, verify, and append based on your specific actions required. No Guarantee. List must include a name and address, phone, or email, and we will complete your database by appending/verifying it as requested. If you have an exceptionally large list that needs updating, call for pricing at 866-377-4599.


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