E-Mail Marketing

E-Mail Marketing
Sending an E-mail is easy – but actually delivering your E-mail to a customer’s Inbox requires a unique combination of service and expertise with advanced technology and services. Send your message to over 137 million double opt-in homeowner E-mail addresses and track your progress with campaign delivery and reporting tools.

We can assist your next E-mail marketing campaign whether it’s to boost your product awareness, change your brands identity, or tell the world about your great new product or service.

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CDL Data is the trusted service provider on online marketing solutions to homeowners and real estate professional nationwide.


Marketing Live and affiliated companies does not guarantee successful e-mail delivery to all e-mails in our lists or to any additional e-mails you place in your lists. Successful e-mail delivery depends greatly on the receivers e-mail settings and the internet provider of the receivers e-mail account. If a receiver blocks HTML e-mails or e-mails that have photos or if an internet provider has limitations on how much bulk e-mail can be received, the receiver may not receive the e-mail. We also do not guarantee that our lists will contain every licensed Realtors and/or homeowner email address. If the Realtors and/or homeowner email address is not made publicly available to us then we will not have them in our lists. We do, however, provide a guarantee that all e-mails will leave our server. Once they leave our server we have no control over them. We have features in place that allow us to determine if, when and how many e-mails a flyer was sent to, but we do not automatically add tracking features on who actually read or opened the e-mail unless you add the open tracking feature to your flyer.

We do not guarantee delivery to cox.net, hotmail, aol, yahoo or comcast e-mail accounts because these providers sometimes block e-mails due to bulk e-mail delivery and have their own filtering in place. These email providers choose which emails you receive based on their filters. Basically they block email for you before you even have a chance to get it, which causes you to potentially loose legit emails.

We do not guarantee any type of response or successful leads on any e-mail campaigns that are sent through our system. The response you receive will depend greatly on the property or service you are offering and if it appeals to the receiver. The response success may vary greatly from one flyer to another. DUE TO THE NATURE OF THIS DATA ALL SALES ARE FINAL AND NON-REFUNDABLE.



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