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Easy Five Step Process to Get Started

  1. Select your Product below and click on ORDER NOW.
  2. This will take you to our Registration process (YOU MUST REGISTER).
  3. You will receive an E-mail Acknowledgement. Look in your Inbox and respond to verify your e-mail address.
  4. (No orders processed without Opt-In)
  5. You MUST sign, date and return both Terms of Service Accept & Agree To Purchase Data forms located on website to black bar: Authorization Forms.
  6. You will then be taken to our Shopping Cart to pay for your product with a credit card.
  7. Fill out a General Request form to order your data leads. (Note: We will turn you on w/ your 1st request)


E-Mail Marketing

We are all facing new Email Marketing challenges of getting our messages into the customers INBOX. New SPAMMING TECHNOLOGY currently implemented by Google and Outlook is going to effect the way future email marketing evolves; these changes are putting major limits on how you can reach out to customers and prospective clients. See changes below:

  1. Google has implemented ‘Artificial Intelligence‘. Using information gathered from users clicking “Report spam” and “Not spam,” and “Not clicked on emails” the AI network will learn what the owner of the account considers as spam. Simply stated if your customers don’t click on your message, Google is going to mark the message as spam.
  2. Microsoft “Outlook” has implemented “Clutter” for all outlook email users. Simply stated if use outlook to send and receive your email messages and your customers don’t click on your email message, Outlook is going to mark the emails as Clutter and add the messages to the “Clutter Folder” – NOT THE INBOX.

The net effect is that any outgoing email message going into some ones SPAM or JUNK box would run the risk of having your emails reported as SPAM; and even having your domain name BLACKLISTED with every Internet Service Provider.

We GUARANTEE 100% DELIVERY of your company email marketing messages to your customers inbox.

You don’t have to take our word for it: you can test our system yourself right now! Just enter your contact information into the boxes for that campaign below, and click “Email me!” Within 60 seconds, you should have a copy of the message in your inbox, smart phone or tablet.

Additional Types of Campaigns Available:

Agents to Homeowners (Buyers)
Agents to Homeowners (Sellers)
Agents to Past Clients (Generic)
Lender to Homeowner (Past Clients)
Lender to Homeowner (Prospects)
Holiday Campaigns
Generic lifehack and tips
Family Campaigns

See Pricing below…

How to Order Homeowner/Renter Email Campaign
to fill out the Target Email Request Form and Register. NO PAYMENT IS REQUIRED at this stage. This is for information purposes only, in order to request information and the count of how many people we have in our database for your desired targeted area. We will match your mortgage data criteria with email addresses in our system. A representative will contact you to provide you a count and answer any questions you might have.

At this time you will also need to read and agree to our Terms of Service. Please note, this is a two-step process, that will first send you a verification email. In the email, simply click on the Activation Link at the bottom to verify your correct email address. We cannot proceed further or accept payment or process your order until you have completed this important step.

Once you verify your email address and have agreed to our Terms of Service, we will automatically send you a follow-up email with a link to fill out a billing Credit Card Authorization form.

for the credit card authorization form and select the E-MAIL MARKETING option. After we receive your billing information, we can then accept your Target Email Request order(s).
to upload your email flyer. Be sure to type in the details of your order, including a preferred subject line if you have one (otherwise we will use generic spam-friendly subject line), and the desired link to where you want the recipient to go when they click on your flyer. Please be as specific as you can in your details to avoid any unnecessary delays in your order.

We accept all formats (i.e. JPEG, Word doc, PDF, MS Publisher, etc.). All email flyers we receive will be converted into a JPEG format (800 pixels wide) with a single clickable link of your choice, be it a website or email address.

Your order will be processed and your email flyer will be sent out within one business day.


to request pricing and more information about monthly campaigns







Homeowner/Agent/Lender Single Month Email Campaign

  • $199.00 (0 to 2500 email target records) sent out 2x
  • $299.00 (2501 to 5000 email target records) sent out 2x
  • $399.00 (5001 to 7500 email target records) sent out 2x
  • $499.00 (7501 to 10000 email target records) sent out 2x
  • $599.00 (10,001 to 12500 email target records) sent out 2x
  • $699.00 (12501 to 15000 email target records) sent out 2x
  • 15,001+ records plus call for pricing 866-377-4599.

Homeowner/Agent/Lender Quarterly Email Campaign

  • $499.00 (0 to 2500 email target records) sent out 6x
  • $599.00 (2501 to 5000 email target records) sent out 6x
  • $699.00 (5001 to 7500 email target records) sent out 6x
  • $799.00 (7501 to 10000 email target records) sent out 6x
  • $899.00 (10,001 to 12500 email target records) sent out 6x
  • $999.00 (12501 to 15000 email target records) sent out 6x
  • 15,001+ records plus call for pricing 866-377-4599.

Yearly Campaigns Available!


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