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Paradigm Shift: It’s time to change the way you do Email Marketing

For good or ill, a new era in Email Marketing has been born and is now upon us. The rules have recently changed and Google Gmail has drastically changed the landscape of Email Marketing. As the acknowledged forerunner in the seemingly endless fight against spam, Google has been leading the charge for the battle for the inbox for over 10 years. Now it seems, the battle has been all but won.

Now claiming over 99.9% success rate at eliminating spam, others have taken notice and are beginning to follow Google’s dominant lead, including Office 365 and (formerly known as Hotmail/MSN), Yahoo, AOL and others. A decade ago, spam brought email to near-ruin. The contest to save your inbox was on, with the world’s biggest tech companies vying for the title of top spam-killer: Google, Microsoft and Yahoo.

In the summer of 2015, Google launched what many see to be the final nail in the coffin: their long developed and highly touted AI Neural Network, which intelligently learns what emails you like to read and what you ignore. Based upon your personal email reading habits and preferences, they custom tailor your spam filters to fit you! Once again it is YOUR personal reading patterns that will dictate what ends up in your inbox and what ends up in junkmail – not the sender.

Likewise Microsoft has recently launched their Office 365/ ‘Clutter’ box, which essentially does something similar – based upon your reading patterns is what will end up in your inbox – vs the ‘Clutter’ box or even spam box. Others such as Yahoo & AOL and more are expected to soon follow suit.


What does this mean in simple terms?

Reputation is now the name of the game.

In the simplest of terms, it means that as of July 2015, Email has now become a popularity contest. It no longer matters who is opted in or who you are subscribed to. It no longer matters if the email is a cookie recipe from your Aunt Sophie or stock updates from your favorite trader or official office correspondence or banking statements & reports or any other perfectly legitimate email source. What matters now is … do you actually click on it and read it? If not, poor Aunt Sophie will end up in your spam folder along with messages for cheap medications and dating sites that few people actually want to see.


What can I do?

You are now faced with a dilemma. You don’t have a solid reputation of people anxiously lining up to read your email marketing messages. And if people don’t read your messages, you can never climb out of their spam folder, plain and simple. So how do you develop your reputation? How do you get people to read your emails? How do you win this ‘popularity contest’?

That’s where we come in.


What do we do for you?

For starters, we maintain a stellar white-listed reputation among national ISP’s giving you an added reputation boost of your own, greatly improving your chances of landing in the inbox.

Secondly, we help you prepare your target audience. We call it ‘The Warm-Up Process.’ This is where we slowly but surely help establish and develop your reputation and earn their trust and train your recipients. We will help show you how to get people to click on your messages and read what you have to say. The more people click on your messages the more your reputation goes up.

We’ll tell you right up front you won’t win any converts by flooding their inbox with a never ending stream of sales pitches, that will destroy your reputation faster than you can say “Why don’t they like me?”

Instead, we will help you craft your messages intelligently and effectively, in such a way that garners their interest, resulting in people warming up to you. This Warm-Up process is very important and crucial to your success. You need to get your recipients to the point where they WANT to hear from you! And yes, eventually you can offer your sales pitch, but only after you have first established that all important and valuable rapport; however in such a way that you don’t ruin the reputation you worked so hard to cultivate.

It’s not going to happen overnight and you have to be smart how you approach this new era of Email Marketing. And we will show you how.

ClickHere to get started.


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