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What is the CDL Data Advantage?


Who we are and what we do …CDL Data is the premier List Database for today’s marketing professionals; providing hundreds of property and demographic filters supporting virtually any residential and/or commercial specific marketing list requirement. How we can help you …

  • We can pinpoint homeowners who need your HELP!
  • Pre-NOD Lead (late model data)
  • Short Sales Prospects
  • Foreclosure Prospects (NOD’s, NTDS and REO’s)
  • ARM Resets
  • Homeowners with Equity
  • Reverse Mortgages
  • FHA/VA
  • Renters – First Time Homebuyers
  • General Homeowner Information and much more!
  • for a complete list ALL of Products and Services
How Do I Get Started?


Pick a monthly package or single purchase only




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Fill out the General Request Form


Log into your account and your request will be completed w/in 2 hours or less

Examples of our Services and Products . . .

  • Sample Monthly Packages

  • Homeowner Email Addresses

  • Request More Information


How do I get started? Answer: Go to our website and click on the yellow tab labeled ‘Get Started’. This will take you to our get started page where you will select between one of our Monthly Packages and/or a Single Purchase.Monthly Package (Unlimited Request): Click on one of three (3) selections (the Premium Package, Starter Package or Agent Package), review this section on how many leads you will receive per request. Next, click on the ‘Get Started’ and this will take you to a registration screen where you must register.
Next is the ‘Order Page’ this is where you pay for the monthly data packages. Click on ‘Order Now’ and you are in the ‘Product Details Page’.. Please ensure you picked the correct package and the price is correct. 1st and last payment is required with activation. Also, you must agree to our Terms of Service to proceed.
Next, click ‘Add to Cart’. Now you are in the shopping cart, fill out completely and checkout. The system will acknowledge a successful transaction immediately. You’re done!If you are ready to order data see #3 below.Single Purchase Only: Click on ‘Get Started for single purchase only.
Next, click on the ‘Order Mortgage Leads Tab’.
Next review and select the correct tab i.e. ‘Order Mortgage Leads a la carte start here. Review and click on ‘Order Now’ on the right hand side.
Next fill out the CDL Data Request Form completely and submit.
Next, click on the ‘Retail Customer Checkout’ tab.
Next, select the correct category on the left hand side of the shopping cart i.e. ‘a la carte service’. Please read, and select the correct number of records desired and click on the order tab.
Next, review to ensure all is correct and click on ‘Proceed to Checkout’.
Next, you must register, fill out the form completely and click on continue.
Next, review order and click on order now.
Next, click on pay by credit card.
Next, fill out the authorization form completely and submit. You’re Done!


How do I order my Leads? Answer: Click on ‘Request Forms’ on the top red bar of the website and select the ‘General Request Form’ and follow the simple instructions. You can order your data in either CSV and/or PDF. Fill out the request form to match your registration. There are nine (9) pre-selected types of data to request. If what you are looking for is not in that list, please use the order details section to describe what you are looking for.Note: If you want phone number only you need to request ‘Phone Only’.
Note: If you want Mortgage Lates with NO NOD, please state PRE-NOD’s on the request form. If you request Mortgage Lates you could get a mixture of Lates and NOD’s. A NOD, NTDS and REO is a mortgage late.
Note: We have noticed that over the past 24 months, various banks are still reporting homeowners late to the credit bureaus when it fact the subject property has changed ownership.


When do I get my Leads? Answer: All request are normally done within 2 hours or less. Renter leads may take up to 3-4 business days to complete. Upon receipt of your request form and completion of same, we will send you an email that your order is completed. We use the same email address you registered with at time of purchase. If you don’t get your email and/or data please call customer service at 866-377-4599.Note: If you don’t receive our email look in your bulk and/or spam filter before you call us. Normally all emails are received unless you have raised your security settings on your system. on Why and How you should add ConsumerDataLeads.com contacts to your address book.


How do I get to my Leads? Answer: Go to the website and click on ‘Customer Login’ on the top red bar of the website. Enter your login and password you created at time of registration and payment. After you login you are on ‘My CDL Data’. Under files you will see a tab called ‘Available Folders’ with a plus sign to the right. Click on the plus to open up the folder. You will see your name and 5 sub-folders called My Documents, My Farms, My Mortgage Leads, My Property Profiles and My Transaction Coordination. Click on the appropriate folder to retrieve your data. Place a check mark next to the file you want and click on the file and save it to your desktop. You’re Done! Please note on Monthly Packages: You will receive up to 500 records per request. If you want to do a mailout just request the same and note this is for a mailout and we will send you all available records – minus the phone numbers.


Can I target specific lenders? Answer: Example – Target specific lenders such as Wells Fargo, Wachovia, World Savings and Golden West Financial for homeowners who are either a Short Sale based on our proprietary Automated Valuation Model (AVM), have a current Mortgage Late payments and/or a Foreclosure Prospect! Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac loans are not recorded. We search approved Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac lenders i.e. Bank of America, Wells Fargo etc with your data filters on all request. We are approximately 80 to 90% accurate. If you need 100% you must go to either Fannie Mae and/or Freddie Mac’s web site and search each record one at a time.


How do I cancel my monthly subscription? Answer: Monthly billing requires a  THIRTY (30) DAY prior written notification by filling out our cancellation form on the web site, located on the home tab at ConsumerDataLeads.com and call  866-377-4599  to confirm receipt. I understand and AGREE the ‘Cancellation Policy’ is a two (2) step process. CDL Data will terminate your billing from 30 days of dated cancellation form.If your billing date falls within the 30 days prior written notification you credit card will be billed. It is the customer’s responsibility to verity written email cancellation receipt of termination sent to CDL Data and affiliates.


E-Mail Marketing – Must Read! Marketing Live and its affiliated companies do not guarantee successful e-mail delivery to all e-mails in our lists or to any additional e-mails you place in your lists. Successful e-mail delivery depends greatly on the receivers e-mail settings and the internet provider of the receivers e-mail account. If a receiver blocks HTML e-mails or e-mails that have photos or if an internet provider has limitations on how much bulk e-mail can be received, the receiver may not receive the e-mail. We also do not guarantee that our lists will contain every licensed Realtors and/or homeowner email address. If the Realtors and/or homeowner email address is not made publicly available to us then we will not have them in our lists. We do, however, provide a guarantee that all e-mails will leave our server. Once they leave our server we have no control over them. We have features in place that allow us to determine if, when and how many e-mails a flyer was sent to, but we do not automatically add tracking features on who actually read or opened the e-mail unless you add the open tracking feature to your flyer. The main reason we don’t use link tracking is because most ISP’s block this feature including any redirect link.We do not guarantee delivery to cox.net, hotmail, aol, yahoo or comcast e-mail accounts because these providers sometimes block e-mails due to bulk e-mail delivery and have their own filtering in place. These email providers choose which emails you receive based on their filters. Basically they block email for you before you even have a chance to get it, which causes you to potentially loose legit emails.We do not guarantee any type of response or successful leads on any e-mail campaigns that are sent through our system. The response you receive will depend greatly on the property or service you are offering and if it appeals to the receiver. The response success may vary greatly from one flyer to another. DUE TO THE NATURE OF THIS SERVICE ALL SALES ARE FINAL AND NON-REFUNDABLE.What are some reasons YOU might not want to use link tracking? Link tracking allows you to view the number of times a link is clicked called click-throughs and who clicked on it. You have the option to disable this feature if you do not want to gather this information about your contacts.You do not want to use link tracking for the following types of links:
1. Links with a redirector on your destination site
2. Internal links (e.g., a corporate intranet site)
3. Image mapping.


Where does CDL Data get Their Data? Answer: All data (except Mortgage Lates) obtained from CDL Data comes from the County Recorders office and the County Tax Assessor Office. The data is updated daily. Normally from date of recordation our records are updated within 3 to 5 days from recording.The mailing address is the address the county has on file to send the homeowners current tax bill.


Best Practices when using ‘Mailing List’! Answer: An address verification program will save you time and money i.e. you do not waste materials and postage sending advertisement to non-deliverable addresses.  An address verification program should be powered by a CASS Certified address verification search engine that meets the strictest USPS specifications for address accuracy and ZIP + 4 codes.                                                                                                                                     **CDL Data does not guarantee and/or warrant the deliverability of any mailing list by the United States Post Office Service when using our data lists.   It is the customers responsibility to verify all addresses with a USPS (United States Postal Service) program and/or use a qualified mail house; both will  increase the quality of your addresses address verification and regular database cleansing with a USPS CASS Certified software program.


What is a “Pre-NOD Lead”, Anyway? Answer: Pre-NOD model leads are property owners that are likely late on their mortgages and no NOD has been filed. We supply current model data. This list is so awesome because the information is not public record (yet), which gives you a “leg-up” on your competition because you have access to information that is not otherwise available to the public. Please note: We have noticed that over the past 36 months, various banks are still reporting homeowners late to the credit bureaus when it fact the subject property has changed ownership. See #12 below for restrictions.


Restrictions talking to Homeowners with Model Late Data: The following terms and conditions shall apply to Your use of the CDL Data – Model Late Data:  **Important to remember when contacting a Pre-NOD you shall not directly and/or indirectly reference any type of Mortgage Late directly to the Consumer without written prior consent of said Consumer in any (i) direct mail; (ii) conducting telephone solicitation; or (iii) conducting telephone or direct mail surveys.

**Per terms of service any contact either written and/or spoken with a consumer as a direct result of CDL Data is purely informational regarding
your products and services only.


Does the Data come with Phone Numbers? Answer: Yes, we use a 3rd party vendor to update all our phone records. All phone numbers are scrubbed every 30 days through the DNC List.Please note that we don’t guarantee phone records. Albeit, they are working at the time we import the data, we can’t control that aspect of the homeowner records.


Can I search Tax Liens Bankruptcy? Answer: Yes.Target potential business with greater reliability CDL Data, offers custom public record searches nationwide. For more information
and fill out the form completely. Please be specific. Custom searches are not part of any monthly package.Due Diligence Searches

  • Articles of Incorporation
  • Bankruptcy Search
  • Certificate of Good Standing
  • Civil Litigation Searches – State and Federal
  • Felony and Misdemeanor Searches
  • Fictitious Name Search
  • Judgment Search
  • Officer and Director Search
  • Property Search – Residential and Commercial
  • Tax Lien Searches – State and Federal


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