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Step 1 New customers must order an Agent or Lender Package.
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Whether you are an expert or novice in the real estate industry, it is important to create a marketing plan that promotes a high return on your investment. Your time, energy and resources are invaluable. Farming can help you succeed especially in a competitive and challenging market.

A new farm identifies your initial target market request with ConsumerDataLeads. If you are a return customer, you may update or enhance a previous farm request submitted to our farming department based upon the initial file name provided to you by ConsumerDataLeads.
For any farm request, you must confirm the City, County and at least one Target Address within the geographic farm you identify.


  1. Street Boundaries – Confirm your farm area by identifying north, east, south and west boundaries.
  2. Proximity Searches – Specify the number of homes you prefer surrounding your target address when you want to narrow the farm to properties closest in location.
  3. Subdivision Searches – Provide the name of the subdivision, including the Filing number if applicable. A target address should still be included.
Consider your options…what type of property owner are you directly pursuing?
  • Owner-Occupied – the owner resides at the property address within the farm area.
  • Non-Owner Occupied – commonly referred to as rental properties. Target investors.
  • All property Owners – comprehensive to all properties within the farm.
Results may be customized based upon your needs and electronic capabilities. There are several format options in which you may receive your results.

Statistical Data – total number of homes in the farm; current sales within 6 months and 12 months; owner-occupied versus absentee ownership; turnover rate within 6 months and 12 months.

Single Line List – general data (at-a-glance) including details such as owner name/s, property address, subdivision name, phone numbers (as available), and basic information regarding the property, provided in an Excel spreadsheet format.

Detailed Report – In-depth data regarding the property. Includes items listed above and more such as: most recent sales price and date; type of property ownership; year built; square footage along with number of beds/baths; garage specifications; roof type; mortgage information upon purchase or refinance; and more.

Data File Format – determine the program or format in which to receive the results – electronic or on CD (Compact Disc).

Mailing Labels – there are several ways in which to address labels:

  • Owner Name only – addressed to the property owner as per public records.
  • Current Resident only – addressed to “Current Resident”
  • Owner Name and/or “Current Resident” – i.e. “John Smith and/or Current Resident”
  • Other – you may select how you wish for labels to be addressed, i.e. “My Neighbor in _____”
USPS Mail Options
  • First Class – current postal rate
  • Barcode/Bulk Mail – minimum distribution of 200 pieces, cost is discounted based upon size of mailouts (marketing piece)
Please call us if you have questions regarding your farm.
Thank you for using ConsumerDataLeads to service your marketing needs!

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