How to earn more in sales

The challenge with too many salespeople is that they decide at first to ‘try’ selling for awhile. They don’t commit 100% to it as a career because they are afraid of being wholly responsible for the level of income they achieve. [more…]

I must tell you, though, that the highest paid professional salespeople I know have burned their bridges to other sources of income and made that total commitment to selling as a career. They must succeed! They are not willing to look back! They look only to the future and the exciting opportunities each day in sales brings them.

Selling is one of the few careers available to people today in which every contact made can teach us something new. Do you know how many jobs there are out there in which things are done exactly the same each and every day? How boring! Sure, there’s the security of a certain income you get from those jobs, but that income is limited — set by someone other than yourself.

Selling is one of the few careers that allows you to determine exactly how much you will earn. And one of the major benefits is that through proper training, you can learn exactly what you must do to earn that level. It’s not a guessing game! There’s a system, which, when properly applied, will bring you exactly the results you desire.

It’s unfortunate, but most of today’s consumers have a poor image of salespeople. I have spent the better part of my life trying to change that stereotype.

Once your potential clients meet you and realize the high level of professionalism you are dedicated to delivering, they will forget that you are a “salesperson” and begin to see you as a trusted friend — someone who is there to provide a worthwhile service when they need it most.

In getting your clients to like you and trust you, you will then be able to serve them more. They will want their friends, relatives and business associates to have the same benefits of excellent service, which will, in turn, build your business into more than you ever previously dreamed possible.

Never forget this: To earn a higher income, find a way to give greater service.

Learn how to make each and every client feel they are the most important person in the world to you. That can be accomplished  by making a commitment today to begin taking advantage of the training available through your company, the various seminars, audio programs, video training, magazines and newsletters at your disposal.

It’s only through a constant commitment to education that we can get on top and stay on top in the field of selling. After all, the true professional salesperson is the one who continues to learn after they “know it all”.

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