Opt-in/Verifying my account email address

Why do I need to Opt-In and verify my email address?
Verifying your email address is required in order to help prevent anyone else from setting up accounts in your name or pretending to your email address. It also ensures we have the correct spelling. By asking you to acknowledge receipt of an email, we are able to confirm the person with access to the email account is the person who registered. We respect your privacy. We will not be giving away or selling your information to anyone. This email confirmation is for internal purposes only.

How can I verify my email address?
To ensure you receive our email verification, our form processing service is handled by a safe and secure company called Infusionsoft. Please make sure you are not blocking anything from:

  1. mailer@Infusionsoft.com
  2. @ConsumerDataLeads.com (register@consumerdataleads.com, info@consumerdataleads.com, orders@consumerdataleads.com)

You will receive our email responses within 5 minutes. If you have still not received an email, check your spam/junkmail folders.

Also, the email verification link will typically only work when the email is in your inbox, not from your junkmail folder. You may need to move the email to your inbox to complete your verification.

If you have any questions, please send your inquiries to orders@consumerdataleads.com

Customer Service
Office: 866-377-4599
Email: Info@ConsumerDataLeads.com

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