Data Pricing Programs

1. Marketing Leads Value Pricing
No Contract!  Month to Month
Ultimate Agent Package (UNLIMITED – Data Request) $49.95 per month <more info>
Ultimate Lender Package (UNLIMITED – Data Request) $99.00 per month <more info>
Starter Package (400 Records per month) $29.95 per month <more info>

2. Bulk Data Pricing
Order Now $1500 25,000
Order Now $3000 50,000
Order Now $4500 75,000
Order Now $9000 150,000
Unlimited Data Plan for Flat Monthly Fee. Call for Pricing.
Over 150,000 –  Call for Pricing.

Excludes: Renter Leads and Reverse Mortgage Leads.
3. ‘a la carte’ Data Pricing
Basic Mortgage Leads with Phone Numbers
Pre-Paid Cost # of Records Cost / Lead FICO option
$45 (minimum order) 530 .085 .12 (additional)

Excludes: Renter Leads, Rate Rider Leads, Pre-Foreclosure Leads, Reverse Mortgage w/age, Demographics, FICO and Pre-NOD’s.

Specialty Data Leads
4. Rate Rider (ARM) Pricing
Recast dates (30,60,90 & 120), interest rate the consumer is paying, the reset rate, and the maximum recast rate, detailed property information, original lender, property size, mortgage information, current market value, verified phone number compliant with the do-not-call registry and more.
Cost # of Rate Rider Records Cost per Record
$0.25 1 $0.25
5. Renter Lead Pricing
Basic renter data: name, address, city, state, zip code + phone.
Renters Cost/Record
Basic Renter Record .15
w/ FICO .10 (additional)
w/AGE .10 (additional
w/INCOME .10 (additional)
6. Notice of Default (NOD)
Notice of Trust Deed Sale (NTDS)
Real Estate Owned (REO)
Includes: applicable dates and detailed property information. <SAMPLE>
Foreclosures Cost/Record w/ Phone & Lender w/ Ethnicity
NOD .15 .25 (additional) .10 (additional)
NTDS .15 .25 (additional) .10 (additional)
REO .15 .25 (additional) .10 (additional)
Add Ethnicity .15 .25 (additional) .10 (additional)
7. Reverse Mortgage Lead Pricing
You must be at least 62 years old and own your own home. There are no income or credit score requirements. To be eligible for the FHA HECM, your home must be a single family home or a 1-4 unit home with one unit occupied by the borrower. HUD-approved condominiums and manufactured homes that meet FHA requirements are also eligible.
Reverse Mortgage Cost/Record
w/ Age .25
8. PRE-NOD’s  From (3) Credit Bureaus
30, 60 and 90 day late. (minimum order 1,000 records) Real Time Data from Experian. Review searchable filters above, request take up to 5 business days, all records don’t need to used at one time.
PRE-NOD # of Records Cost per Record
PRE-NOD 1 .25
9. Demographic Attribute Pricing
Searchable items include: Income Range, Age Range, Gender, Marital Status, Child, Occupation and much more!
Demographics Cost/Record
Per Item .25
10. Document Image Pricing
Document Images: $9.95 per document (all pages). Price subject to change without notice.
Property Detail Report: $12.95 per property.
Transfer History Detail Report: $9.95 per property.
Comparable Property Sales Report: $9.95 per property.
Parcel Maps: $7.50 per property.
Index Searches$12.00 to $18.00.  Name search: $12.00, Tract search: $18.00.
Name and Tract Searches, we will return a maximum of 150 results. (Document image charged at $3.00 per page).
*Ownership & Encumbrance Detailed Report for $99.00 per property includes:
1.  Parcel information and/or legal description
2.  Ownership information
3.  All Mortgages
4.  Other voluntary liens (i.e. Assignments)
5.  Involuntary liens (i.e. Mechanics and tax liens)
6.  Copies of referenced documents within the report
*Ownership and Encumbrance Reports are available only for residential properties. When you order and Ownership and Encumbrance Report, the finished product may not be available for up to 48 hours after purchase. When your report is complete, you will receive a notification email and the finished report will be available on
Refund Policy
Due to the nature of this data all sales are final and non-refundable. By processing your order and submitting your contact and credit card information you are entering into a binding purchase contract. This has been done to protect the integrity of our databases from fraudulent activity and those who are looking to steal our data. Data is sold ‘as is’ without warranties or guarantees.

I authorize Marketing Live to charge my credit card in full for any products purchased from CDL Data & its affilliate sites.  I further affirm that the name and personal information provided on this form are true and correct. I further declare that I have read, understand and accept Marketing Live’s business terms as published on their web site  By placing an order from Marketing Live, I agree to pay Marketing Live in full.

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