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What is a Property Profile?
Property Profile is a Real Property Profile that contains entire information extracted from Public Real Estate Records. It is comprised of the prevalent property data acquired from County Records and Tax Assessor’s Offices.Types of Properties covered: residential, commercial, industrial, agricultural, land, time-share, mobile, and all other available types of Real Estate Properties.

Contents of Property Profile: Property Ownership, Property Location with short Legal Description, Property Characteristics, Site Information, Last Owner Transfer, Last and Prior Market Sales, Mortgage Records, Property Tax and Assessment and Neighborhood Area information.

Provided Property Data: most Property Ownership information is sufficient to obtain the current Property Owner name (individual or company), the mailing address, and in some cases the listed phone number too. Location provides the full property address with legal description. Property Characteristics include year build, living area, construction information, improvements and various other essential property details. Site information provides the land use, lot and site descriptions, zoning, as well as the flood data. Last Owner Transfer provides data related exclusively to the last ownership transaction. Last and Prior Market Sales information contains the sale and recording dates, as well as sale prices and seller names. It also contains all retrieved Mortgage Information with the number of loans (first, second, etc.), amounts, document numbers, filing dates and types of Deeds. Tax and Assessment include assessed values on the property and tax information.

The following types of Document Images can be available for purchase from Detailed Property Reports: last ownership transfer document, last and prior market sale and mortgage documents.

Document Images, also referred to as Property Documents, consist of official digital copies of actual recorded documents dealing with real estate related records and various transactions. Real Estate Document Images may have some of the same data found in property reports, yet they are fundamentally different from property reports and should not be confused with them – no data has been compiled to create a document image.

The logic behind Document Images: to provide an instant online retrieval of copies of deeds, titles and other genuinely signed and notarized documents on a real property. In addition to deeds and titles, accompanying records may also include recent and previous transactions on mortgages, property transfers and other authentications of recorded legal documents.

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