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  • LA County: 5 days
  • Orange County: 7 days
  • San Bernardino County: 14 days
  • Riverside County: 15 days
  • San Diego County: 6 days
  • Kern County: 12 days
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  • Santa Barbara County: 14 days
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Terms of Service
  • I authorize Marketing Live/ConsumerDataLeads to charge my credit card in full for any products purchased from CDL Data & its affiliate sites. I further affirm that the name and personal information provided on this form are true and correct. I further declare that I have read, understand and accept Marketing Live’s business terms as published on their web site By placing an order from Marketing Live, I understand and AGREE to pay Marketing Live in full.

  • I understand and AGREE that I will be held fully responsible for this charge and I understand that Marketing Live, Inc., will apply a charge back fee to my account in the amount of $50.00 should I initialize a charge back with my credit card issuer to reverse payments without Marketing Lives Inc., permission and I agree to pay this fee if this occurs. Accounts billed monthly to credit card on file.

  • I understand and AGREE the initial term of service commences on the effective date of online registration and receipt initial payment received.

  • I understand and AGREE all monthly packages are ‘Single User Accounts’. 1st & Last payment due with activation. I hereby AGREE and authorize Marketing Live, Inc., to bill my credit card, 1st and last payment required with activation for package selected. 2nd, I hereby understand and AGREE and authorize Marketing Live, Inc., to be bill my credit card each month and continues on a month-to-month basis, during which either party may terminate the agreement on THIRTY (30) DAY prior written notification by filling out our cancellation form on the web site, located on the home tab at and call 866-377-4599.

  • I understand and AGREE the ‘Cancellation Policy’ is a two (2) step process to ensure we receive you cancellation notice. by filling out our cancellation form on the web site, located on the home tab at and call 866-377-4599 to confirm receipt. I understand and AGREE the ‘Cancellation Policy’ is a two (2) step process. CDL Data will terminate your billing from 30 days of dated cancellation form.

  • I understand and AGREE ‘Acceptance of Terms of Service’ – I hereby confirm that my ‘Registration’ and ‘Submission of Credit Card’ information at Marketing Lives’, Inc. and affiliate companies and ‘Accepting’ delivery of a ‘Product or ‘Products’, I ‘ACCEPT and AGREE’ to be bound to the provisions of this ‘Agreement and Terms of Service’.


  • I understand and AGREE by registering, submitting a request, processing your order and submitting your contact and credit card information you are entering into a binding purchase contract. This has been done to protect the integrity of our databases from fraudulent activity and those who are looking to steal our data. Data is sold ‘as is’ without warranties or guarantees. I hereby agree and represent that I am buying data only for my own internal use and not for resale, re-license or redistribute the services in whole or in part without the prior written consent of CDL Data.

  • I understand and AGREE that ALL completed orders will be uploaded to customer’s online folder at My CDL Data. I understand and AGREE completed orders will be uploaded to my folder only with a completed registration form, completed order form and payment.

  • I understand and AGREE no proof of delivery to the AVS confirmed address is required for my completed orders.

  • I understand and AGREE that Martketing Live, INC. and its affiliates do not guarantee any type of response of successful response on any e-mail campaigns. Due to the nature of e-mail all sales are final and non-refundable.

  • I understand and AGREE the following terms and conditions apply to use of any of the CDL Data – Credit Data and FICO: You shall use CDL Data – Credit Data and FICO solely for a single use for one of the following purposes: (i) direct mail; (ii) conducting telephone solicitations; or (iii) conducting telephone or direct mail surveys. In addition, you may utilize a List for Your internal marketing analysis. You shall not use CDL Data – Credit Data and FICO directly and/or indirectly or reference any type of Mortgage Late directly to the Consumer without written prior consent of said Consumer in any (i) direct mail; (ii) conducting telephone solicitation; or (iii) conducting telephone or direct mail surveys. You acknowledge that any contact either written and/or spoken with a consumer as a direct result of CDL Data – Credit Data and FICO is purely informational regarding your products and services.
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