Agree To Purchase Data

Agree To Purchase Data
PDF_Logo_50008732-high-resolution-dark-blue-denim-jeans-icon-arrows-arrow11-left-ps_50 Click left icon to download agreement in Adobe PDF format. Fill out and sign and return to us via the SUBMIT option below.

  1. Click on the PDF icon to your left to save the Adobe PDF file to your computer desktop.
  2. Print out the Agreement to your printer and sign and date.
  3. Scan the signed document back to your computer
  4. Upload the signed document to us via the left panel below. Give us your name & email, click on browse to select your signed document and then hit SUBMIT – or fax it to us at 714-633-4820.
Shopping_cart_icon.svg_50008732-high-resolution-dark-blue-denim-jeans-icon-arrows-arrow11-left-ps_50 After you have filled out uploaded your agreement, click left icon to order your product.

We cannot process your order without the Agree To Purchase Data agreement.

What is the Purchase Data Agreement?

This form is to clarify the expectations of receiving data. This ensures clear communication for both parties, and protects both parties in the event of a dispute.

How do I complete this step?

To fill out this form, please click above to download the agreement in a PDF form. Print and fill out the form, sign it, then scan it back into your computer and save it.

To submit the completed form, enter your name and email address in the forms to the left. Click the “Choose File” button on the left, and select the correct file. Click “submit” to send the form to us.

This form is to clarify the expectations of receiving data. This ensures clear communication for both parties, and protects both parties in the event of a dispute. Please sign and print your full name, date and return by uploading here at‐to‐purchase‐data/

I Understand and Agree to all the terms and service of MarketingLive/CDL Data posted on their website at and online registration form

I Understand and Agree that all the terms and services and refund policy are clearly posted on the same website and online registration form.

I Understand and Agree by submitting a request, processing the order, and submitting contact and credit card information is a binding purchase contract.

I Understand and Agree that if there are not enough records I will be issued a credit to my account: no refunds are given.

I Understand and Agree that if there are any bad records, the company will review and replace those records if necessary.

I Understand and Agree that CDL Data cannot guarantee phone numbers, due to the ease of disconnection. We stand behind our data fully, and will research and/or replace any records that are incorrect in any area other than phone numbers.

I Understand and Agree the data purchased is sold ‘as is’ without warranties or guarantees and DUE TO THE NATURE OF OUR PRODUCTS AND SERVICES ALL SALES ARE FINAL AND NON-REFUNDABLE. This has been done to protect the integrity of our databases from fraudulent activity and those who are looking to steal our data.

I hereby agree represent that I am buying data only for my own internal use and not for resale, relicense or redistribute the services in whole or in part without the prior written consent of MarketingLive/CDL Data.



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