Tax Liens, Judgements and Bankruptcy List

Choosing the right marketing list can make or break your campaign. CDL Data® offers a powerful suite of unique lists that provide you with relevant, up-to-date consumer data and help you locate the very best prospects for your offerings. Our consumer data dates back as far as 1982 and links records of more than 225 million consumers and 118 million households. Deliver targeted messages to the following lists:

Bankruptcy List

Bankruptcy List enables you to target consumers who have recently filed for–or been discharged from–bankruptcy. Our up-to-date records are sourced directly from the courts. Access one of the largest and most up-to-date repositories of nationwide bankruptcy data with Bankruptcy List. See Below:


Chapter 7
Chapter 11
Chapter 12
Chapter 13

Records: 30+ million Price: Based on quantity

Consumer List

Consumer List allows you to select the prospects that best fit your ideal customer profile. You’ll be able to match your marketing offers to groups such as mail order buyers, homeowners, credit card users, and many more. See Below:

Demographic Selections

Marital Status
Child Present

Records: 150+ million Price: Based on quantity

Tax Liens & Judgments List

With Tax Liens & Judgments, you’ll get accurate names and addresses for both individuals and businesses with tax liens and judgments against them. Our up-to-date records are sourced directly from the courts, with more than 60,000 daily updates. See below:

Court Record Selections

Liens / Judgments
Liens / Judgments Type
Liens / Judgments Size
Liens / Judgments Action Date
Liens / Judgments Filing Date
Liens / Judgments Add Date

Records: 100+ million
Price: Based on quantity

Homeowner List

Homeowner List gives you access to current national data on homeowners and their properties. Choose from more than 50 property and lifestyle attributes including specific types of properties, loans, buying capacities, and much more. See below:

Demographic Selections

Length of Residence
Marital Status
Child Present
Bankcard Present
Mail Responder
Dwelling Type

Records: 138+ million Price: Based on quantity

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