You Are What You Represent

You’ve undoubtedly heard the phrase, ‘be a product of the product.’  This means that you not only represent the product or service, but that you, personally, use it as well.  Your statements regarding features and benefits gain tremendous credibility if your potential client knows that you speak from experience.  You see, if you try to sell people a Ford truck but drive a classic Chevy, you’ll lose credibility with them – even if they also love classic cars.  You sell yourself and your company as much as, if not more than, you sell your product or service.

When you prospect, you need to make your potential clients want to be involved with you, too, not just want to buy the product or service you sell.  After all, a relationship with you is part of the bargain with most product sales.  You are, in essence, the agent for the product.  Your personal integrity is as important to the sale as the history of the company and quality of the products.  Products and services can’t speak for themselves until after the client owns them and uses them.

How do you sell yourself?  Yo begin by taking a sincere, serious look at yourself in a full-length mirror.  Do you look like someone you would want to trust?  Do you carry yourself with confidence?  Do you dress appropriately for the industry you represent?   When you can answer yes to these three questions, you can move on.  If you need to improve in any of these areas, get cracking.

Your attitude sells you, too.  Do you begin every contact – even those on the phone – with a warm smile?  Believe me, people can feel smiles over the telephone lines.   Are you enthusiastic about your product?  Don’t be afraid to let the world see that you’re excited about what you do.  Excitement builds curiosity, especially if your prospects don’t have much excitement in their lives.  Your attitude is more critical to your success than you probably think.

How’s your level of confidence?  If you’re confident about what you do, your potential clients think that you know what you’re doing.  You’re in control because you’ve done your homework.  You’ve learned how to move from finding people to selling the people you find and then selling to the people they know by referral.  You’re a pro and it shows.

What about the company or product you represent?  You may work for a large firm that has a marketing department dedicated to presenting an image of its product to the public.  You then have it easy when it comes to brand knowledge.  However, many people may not want to do business until you prove that your product meets the expectations created for it by the marketing department.

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